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András Strácz

19 05 2023
3 minutes

Creation of a Scientific Hypothesis - For optimization of drug compounds

A well-formulated hypothesis is essential to the success of the drug discovery process.

29 04 2023
< 1 minute

Collaborating with CROs within the DMTA cycle

Important factors when collaborating with a CRO It is becoming increasingly popular for drug...

26 04 2023
2 minutes

What Structures are Claimed in Patents? - Use cases for patent literature MMP transformations

The MMP transformations from SureCHEMBL can be used in different ways to create analogues to a seed...

14 11 2022
< 1 minute

Kanban in Drug Discovery

A multi-dimensional, searchable, and interactive Kanban board can help the project team to get a...

13 10 2021
< 1 minute

Screening Commercial Compounds When Creating Novel Drugs

Screening Commercial Compounds When Creating Novel Drugs.pptx (2)Can leads or even drugs of the...

13 09 2020
< 1 minute

AWS Lambdas are Cool

AWS Lambdas are cool for cheminformatics and ChemAxon toolkit usage, and we explored 3 obvious...

13 09 2020
< 1 minute

Introducing Design Hub

Our new application has been born out of years of evolution on Marvin Live and a big expansion in...