Pharmaceutical IT Congress & ChemAxon Workshop: New ways to explore the available chemical space

Sep 20 – 21, 2018 · London, UK

ChemAxon will have a booth and a morning workshop at the 16th Annual Pharmaceutical IT Congress. Visit us at booth #8 and ask more details about our software solutions. Also join our Workshop on 21 September from 9.30- 11.15 in Room London 3.

New ways to explore the available chemical space - merge public and corporate data for discovery

  • Learn about novel, fast chemical search technologies
  • Discover an interactive way to find chemical information
  • See how to access and search public and corporate data from a single interface
  • Discuss the future of data handling in chemistry research

About the Pharmaceutical IT Congress

With the pharmaceutical industry becoming increasingly data-led, the promise of big data is being realised and the opportunities in increasing pipelines, improving clinical trial efficiency and reducing market failure are all key priorities for an industry labouring under increased pressures to reduce costs and increase output. Big data has hit the tipping point from fad to reality and the industry is now asking ‘what next?’

Oxford Global’s 16th Annual Pharmaceutical IT Congress will give attendees critical insights into big data led strategies and innovation. Focusing on case studies in areas such as translational informatics and bioinformatics as well as looking at the management of real-world evidence and real-world data, the congress will look at both practical and future applications to further innovation.

Over 250 senior level attendees from leading pharmaceutical companies, Biotech’s and academic institutions will come together to discuss key issues such as de-siloing real-world data, leveraging cloud capabilities, improving data access and data security as well as fast data management and the internet of things.

Co-located with our 2nd Annual Artificial Intelligence in Drug Development Congress and Digital Health and Digital Technologies Congress this is the congress for those looking to leverage those disruptive technologies and strategies leading the industry forward.

Browse the program, the speaker list and visit conference website.