Advances in Cosmetic Formulation Design - by ECI (Engineering Conferences International)

Jul 22 – 25, 2018 · Durham, North Carolina, USA

The Advances in Cosmetic Formulation Design conference will be held on July 22-25, 2018, at the Washington Duke Inn in Durham, North Carolina.

Cosmetic formulation design is a multidisciplinary and challenging area of focus for the cosmetic industry. Current challenges in creating truly differentiated products in a highly competitive landscape and the new social and regulatory pressures to move towards greener and more sustainable solutions have created new advances in cosmetic formulation design incorporating both academic and industrial research advances in green chemistry, biosurfactants, advanced characterization etc.

This conference for the first time will bring together leading industrial and academic research groups working in this area to highlight some of these key advances. The conference will be global in nature and will allow effective networking amongst industrial and academic scientists to further promote collaboration to further advance this highly applied research area.

Specific topics that will be covered include

  • Green & Novel Biosurfactants & Biopolymers for Cosmetics
  • Rheology, Tribology & Sensory Linkages in Cosmetic Applications
  • Enhanced Deposition & Complex Coacervation
  • Stimuli Responsive or Smart Complex Fluids & Gels
  • Advances in Characterization
  • Hair, Skin & Make-up Applications
  • Microparticles, Nanoparticles and Nanomaterials in Cosmetic Formulations: Safety, Regulatory & Environmental Issues
  • Theory & Modeling
  • Synthesis,formulation & manufacture
  • Characterization & Novel Experimental Techniques-microstructure, interactions, rheology

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