AI Pharma Innovation Drug Discovery 2018

Feb 26 – 28, 2018 · San Francisco, CA, USA

About the conference

At this critical time when AI and machine learning technologies promise to revolutionize traditional pharmaceutical practices and enable drug developers to gain a competitive advantage, join the solution led, AI-Pharma Innovation: Drug Discovery Summit 2018 to capitalize on the benefits of AI technologies by:

  • Understanding how AI & machine learning is disrupting the current approach to drug discovery.
  • Debating, challenging and cutting through the hype surrounding the use of AI in pharmaceutical industry towards practical applications.
  • Addressing the issues surrounding data preparation, assessment & implementation to achieve insightful AI driven outputs.
  • Optimizing novel drug discovery, drug repositioning strategies and identify effective therapeutics as quickly as possible through real world case studies of AI & machine learning applications from the likes of GSK, Roche, J&J & Genentech.
  • Finding out about the future direction of AI-driven drug discovery projects from the key decision makers within big pharma and biotech companies

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