AI-PI Drug Discovery

Feb 27 – 28, 2019 · San Francisco, CA

About AI-PI Drug Discovery conference

The 2nd AI-PI: Drug Discovery 2019 Summit returns to San Francisco, February 27 – 28, 2019. Key decision makers from pharma, biotech drug developers and technology companies will meet not to only discuss but share real world technical insight and data driven applications of AI and Machine Learning in Drug Development.

At this critical time when AI and Machine Learning technologies promise to revolutionize traditional pharmaceutical practices, gain a competitive advantage by joining the solution led meeting and capitalize on the benefits of AI technologies by:

  • Exploring real world case studies from the likes of Genentech, Berg & Amgen and discovering how AI & Machine Learning are being implemented in pharma and biotech today.
  • Gaining clarity on how to best structure datasets to maximize the impact AI and Machine Learning can have on your early drug development processes.
  • Understanding how AI and Machine Learning can be utilized for drug repositioning and repurposing purposes.
  • Debating how to best integrate AI talent into your R&D processes to streamline your drug discovery pipeline.
  • Finding out how Machine Learning can optimize molecule design to fast track drug candidate prediction.

Visit the AI-PI Drug Discovery website for more information.