ChemAxon Lunch & Learn: In silico drug design

Oct 11, 2019 · Cambridge, MA, USA

This event will guide you through Marvin Live, and recent developments on bringing ChemAxon technologies to AWS cloud.

Marvin Live is a molecule design and hypothesis management platform for optimizing compound ideas using all real and virtual data as a guideline. We will cover how scientific rationale can be captured in a brand new way to create a powerful knowledge base, and to assist team collaboration aspects related to registering and tracking ideas. We will showcase new productivity features as well, like a combined chemical and non-chemical search component, and kanban boards (yes, really!).

On the topic of AWS cloud, we’ll show our recent work into enabling the usage of JChem toolkits in AWS Lambda functions, as part of Marvin Live’s plugin architecture, and related upgrades to ChemAxon’s registries to support the development and deployment of customer specific artifacts with ease.

Highlights of the event:

  • Capturing scientific rationale, creating compound ideas and organizing them, and tracking status changes with Marvin Live
  • See your cloud service fees plummeting by using ChemAxon in AWS Lambda
  • Upgrades to the ChemAxon registry - easy deployment with Docker images

WHERE? - One Broadway, CIC building in Cambridge, MA; in Havana Room on the 5th floor.

12 pm - Registration starts
12.15 pm - Lunch
12.45 pm - Presentation and Demo
1.30 pm - Dessert and Networking
2 pm - End of the event