ChemAxon TechTalk in San Francisco, CA

Mar 18, 2019 · San Francisco, CA

Right after the the Bio-IT West Coast; we will hold a half day techtalk in San Francisco's Hyatt Regency at the Airport.

Everyone new to ChemAxon can get started with our applications, also we provide a deeper insight into our technology for more experienced users. This is a great oppurtinty for networking with your peers and ChemAxon colleagues during lunch or after the presentations. Participation is free, though you need to be registered before the event. Check out the draft agenda, save the date and stay tuned.

Agenda  12 - 6 pm

First Session

  • At noon we start with a lunch and registration
  • Welcome notes and business overview
  • Marvin: The story of a chemical editor
  • JChem technology - overview of the best chemical search engine
  • Haystack project - finding relevant chemical info in multiple chemical DBs from a single interface
  • Collaborate on chemical data with Marvin Live

Second Session

  • Database management on desktop with JChem for Office and Instant JChem
  • Reaction and scaffold based techniques from workflow tools like KNIME
  • Registration and management of chemical and assay data
  • Handling biomolecules at ChemAxon
  • Closing social from about 4.30 pm

If you have any questions, comments or requirements about the TechTalk, feel free to contact the organizers.