ChemAxon User Meeting in Tokyo



Tuesday, 9th June, 1 pm - 6 pm


Sapia Tower 26F, 1-7-12 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0005 Japan (Find on Google maps)

ChemAxon has a remarkable market share in Japan in the field of the cheminformatics industry. Most of the pharmaceutical and biotech companies use our software heavily. To strengthen the relationship between our Japanese users and ChemAxon we announce our User Group Meeting in Tokyo, Japan on the 9th of June. You will have the opportunity to talk to peers, colleagues and ChemAxon developers. Networking is important if you want to get answers for your tailored questions. So, in addition to the breaks a social program will help to keep the ideas flowing after the official program.

Our speakers will introduce our newest products via demonstrations and some relevant use cases, and talk about the future development plans. The agenda will highlight Plexus Suite, Biomolecule Toolkit, Marvin Live, ChemCurator and JChem for SharePoint.

ChemAxon would not reach such a nice market share in Japan without its distributor company, Patcore (part of Management Service Corp.). This User Meeting is initiated and organized by Patcore.


    1 pm - Keynote speech by Ferenc Csizmadia (CEO of ChemAxon)

    1.30 pm - Plexus as a next generation informatics platform and case examples by Miklós Szabó (Project Manager @ ChemAxon)
    Including: Strategy & roadmap, demo, Instant JChem and Plexus over ISIS, Plexus as a browsing and analysis tool for corporate DWH, Open Innovation case

    2.30 pm - Talking chemistry for a global research team by András Strácz (Project Manager @ ChemAxon)
    Including: Overview, demo and use cases

    3 pm - One stop solutions for the industry by Kuboki Toshihiko (Fujitsu)
    Including: E-Notebook integration (Compliance Checker and Registration)

    3.20 pm - COFFEE BREAK

    3.35 pm - Biologics solutions by Roland Knispel (Project Manager @ ChemAxon)
    Including: Overview and roadmap, demo, use cases and offering

    4.15 pm - Secure file sharing solution by Yasurou Hasegawa (Management Service Corp.)

    4.30 pm - Strategic IP information by Daniel Bonniot (Project Manager @ ChemAxon)
    Including: ChemCurator demo and use case

    5.10 pm - JChem for SharePoint by József Dávid (Project Manager @ ChemAxon)
    Including: Overview of JChem for SharePoint 2013, use cases and demo

    5.40 pm - Closing remarks by Akihiro Nakamura (Management Service Corp.)

Whom to meet there from ChemAxon

[contact name="Ferenc Csizmadia" position="Owner & CEO" contact email="[email protected]"] [contact name="Daniel Bonniot" position="Application Scientist" contact email="[email protected]"] [contact name="Miklós Szabó" position="Product Manager - Plexus Suite" contact email="[email protected]"] [contact name="Roland Knispel" position="Product Manager - Biomolecule Toolkit" contact email="[email protected]"] [contact name="András Strácz" position="Product Manager - Marvin Live" contact email="[email protected]"] [contact name="József Dávid" position="Product Manager - JChem for SharePoint" contact email="[email protected]"]