Cheminfo Stories 2021

Oct 20 – Nov 10, 2021 · #meetCXN

The annual User Group Meetings are always a highlight for us, and while truly looking forward to meeting you all in person, this year we again transformed our usual events into a series of webinars. The daily presentations are thematic, and will be available to attendees after the event. We are excited to use the opportunities of going virtual and we will do our best to bring to your home offices all the best ChemAxon has to offer.

Program Schedule

Cheminfo Stories Opening Day We will talk about our roadmap - how ChemAxon is transforming to serve cheminformatics excellence, how our flagship products are evolving, and the fields we are exploring in our Innovation Round. Register

Design new molecules with ChemAxon This session demonstrates how ChemAxon software supports the design of new molecules; from the enumeration techniques to the analysis and prioritization of ideas. Register

Applications supporting science - store, search, analyze and report The third session of Cheminfo Stories 2021 picks up the discovery workflow from the end of the design process. In this series of presentations we focus on how to best capture the information coming from design processes or from experimental data of laboratory experiments. Register

Tech corner We will discuss the core chemistry engine behind most of our solutions, and the newest developments related to JChem technology. From codes we will turn towards data - the preparing and cleaning of scientific data is vital for successful research projects. We talk about fingerprints, standardizing methods and give you some insight into our machine learning efforts. As a third large topic we discuss cloud and security. Register


Session #1 What's up ChemAxon

20 October 17:00 CEST


In this session:

  • Welcome | János Fejérvari, Marketing Director, ChemAxon
  • Keynote Interview | Eufrozina Hoffmann, Csaba Peltz, Chief Product Officers, ChemAxon
  • ChemAxon’s Portfolio: Your workflows and our solutions | Bilal Nizami, Jan Christopherson, Application Scientists, ChemAxon
  • Professional Services: expert services for the futuristic science discovery enterprise | Jim Marsh, Director of Professional Services, ChemAxon
  • JChem ElasticSearch Plugin | András Volford, Product Manager, JChem Engines, ChemAxon
  • Rule Based Search | András Volford, Product Manager, JChem Engines, ChemAxon
  • JChem in online documents | Anna Forró, Business Analyst, ChemAxon
  • Storing and managing novel biological entities | Márk Somogyi, Product Manager, ChemAxon

Session #2 Design new molecules

27 October 17:00 CEST


In this session:

  • Marvin Pro: The first release | Bertalan Kovács-Garai, Product Manager, ChemAxon
  • Enhancing Sibylla’s innovative drug discovery platform with ChemAxon | Alexandros Patsilinakos, Sybilla BioTech
  • Progress in developing virtual chemical space | Árpád Figyelmesi, Product Manager, ChemAxon
  • Leveraging data as future insight | Ákos Tarcsay, Product Manager, ChemAxon
  • New capabilities in Design Hub | András Strácz, Product Manager, ChemAxon
  • Advanced Cheminformatics in Spotfire – Introducing ChemAxon Tools | Matt Stahl, Owner and CEO, Glysade

Session #3 Applications supporting science - store, search, analyze, report

3 November 17:00 CET


In this session:

  • Driving Automated Chemistry Using Custom Software Tools | Luke Nam, Software Engineer, Neurocrine
  • A laboratory story | Zoltán Szabó, Application Scientist, ChemAxon
  • Inventory management when time matters | Gábor Radics, Founder, LabCup
  • Building a Structured Toxicology Knowledge Base from Unstructured Data | Daniel Mucs, Toxicology Manager, JTI
  • Boost analytical experiments with phys-chem properties | Ákos Tarcsay, Product Manager, ChemAxon
  • Keep up with the generic control of compounds | Ákos Papp, Product Manager, ChemAxon
  • Editable chemistry in MS Office from online editors | Ákos Papp, Product Manager, ChemAxon

Session #4 Tech corner - technical advancement and research projects

10 November 17:00 CET


In this session:

  • Chem- and bioinformatics in the Cloud | Gábor Pécsy, Chief Technology Officer, ChemAxon
  • JChem world: Going to the Cloud | András Volford, Product Manager, ChemAxon
  • Chemical consistency: from principles to applications | Iván Solt and Ákos Tarcsay, Product Managers, ChemAxon
  • Taking chemistry from the sea to the Cloud: The Royal Society of Chemistry's experience of integrating ChemAxon NMR predictor into MarinLit | David Sharpe, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Build Web Applications with KNIME and ChemAxon nodes | Norbert Sas, KNIME
  • ChemAxon's Tools in Python | Balázs Zaicsek, Group Architect, ChemAxon