Applications supporting science - store, search, analyze and report

Nov 3, 2021 · 17:00-19:00 CET

The third session of Cheminfo Stories 2021 picks up the discovery workflow from the end of the design process. In this series of presentations we focus on how to best capture the information coming from design processes or from experimental data of laboratory experiments.

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  • Driving Automated Chemistry Using Custom Software Tools | Luke Nam, Neurocrine
  • A laboratory story | Zoltán Szabó, Application Scientist, ChemAxon
  • Collaboration with ChemAxon | Gábor Radics, LabCup
  • Building a Structured Toxicology Knowledge Base from Unstructured Data | Daniel Mucs, Toxicology Manager, JTI
  • Boost analytical experiments with phys-chem properties| Ákos Tarcsay, Product Manager, ChemAxon
  • Keep up with the generic control of compounds | Ákos Papp, Product Manager, ChemAxon
  • Editable chemistry in MS Office from online editors | Ákos Papp, Product Manager, ChemAxon