Tech corner - technical advancement and research projects at ChemAxon

Nov 10, 2021 · 17:00-19:00 CET

The tech corner gives insight into ChemAxon's backend solutions - the platforms and technology we rely on to support scientific workflows. We will discuss the core chemistry engine behind most of our solutions, and the newest developments related to JChem technology. From codes we will turn towards data - the preparing and cleaning of scientific data is vital for successful research projects. We talk about fingerprints, standardizing methods and give you some insight into our machine learning efforts. As a third large topic we would like to talk about the relation between cloud and security.

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  • Chem- and bioinformatics in the Cloud | Gábor Pécsy, Chief Technology Officer, ChemAxon
  • JChem world: Going to the Cloud | András Volford, Product Manager, ChemAxon
  • Chemical consistency: from principles to applications | Iván Solt, Product Manager and Ákos Tarcsay, Product Manager, ChemAxon
  • Taking chemistry from the sea to the Cloud: The Royal Society of Chemistry's experience of integrating ChemAxon NMR predictor into MarinLit | David Sharpe, Royal Society of Chemistry
  • Build Web Applications with KNIME and ChemAxon nodes | Norbert Sas, KNIME
  • ChemAxon's Tools in Python | Balázs Zaicsek, Group Architect, ChemAxon