Drug Discovery Nexus Summit

May 3 – 4, 2018 · Munich, Germany

About the conference

Procurement Direct Ltd is proud to present Flagship Summit Drug Discovery Nexus taking place in Munich Germany on 3rd and 4th May 2018. This Summit will bring together key opinion leaders and senior industry experts to discuss the latest developments in drug discovery strategies. The discovery landscape has shifted over the past few years – we have seen the resurgence of phenotypic screening, the shift from high throughput screening to high content analysis, novel applications of genomic technologies and a renewed emphasis on the role of collaboration and open innovation models. Our studies also shows an increased focus on strengthening data and knowledge management in R&D pipelines to make the most of discovery data, with researchers seeking new techniques to manage complex early stage discovery portfolios and for library optimization. As the industry is experiencing radical changes in approaches to the discovery of new compounds, it is vital to look beyond to the next generation of enabling tools and technologies. And to encapsulate it all, this summit is surely going to assist your organization in rational, fast and successful drug discovery.

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