East meets West 2018

Apr 19 – 20, 2018 · Vienna, Austria

About the conference

This year's East meets West forum will take place on the 19th and 20th of April 2018 in Vienna. Have a look at the programme to learn about this year’s hot topics!

Networking opportunities with experts

  • Discuss and network in an informal setting
  • Get an update on Asian patent information
  • Learn about new products and services

The East meets West summit provides a platform for providers of Asian patent data to exhibit their services in a poster session alongside the conference.

We will be displaying a Poster again this year - So make sure to stop and take a look!

Title: Chemical Naming for Asian languages


Chinese and Japanese chemical name recognition and interpretation is a challenging area for chemical text processing. ChemAxon as a market-leading cheminformatics solution provider, allocates special attention to support Asian languages. In addition to complete handling of Chinese and Japanese IUPAC naming rules, chemistry specific OCR error correction algorithms; also large common brand name dictionaries assist in reaching outstanding retrieval and precision rates. These features are available across our product portfolio, from integratable toolkit components - to complete industrial solutions. An exceptionally great demonstration of a unique cross-language capable and online cheminformatics platform is Chemicalize; where Chinese, Japanese and English chemical name conversion and text mining is fully supported.