User Meeting Europe 2018

Mar 20 – 22, 2018 · Budapest, Hungary

ChemAxon's upcoming User Meeting in Europe will be held between March 20th - 22nd, at the Akvárium Klub. The meeting will include an entire day of hands-on workshops, followed by presentations from ChemAxon users and integrators and with a lot of opportunity to network with peers and ChemAxon staff.

Main program

Read through our detailed program for March 21-22 featuring 17 guest speakers, among them Boehringer Ingelheim, Accenture, Heptares, Elsevier - Reaxys, NovAliX, GlaxoSmithKline and much more.

Download program as .pdf picture_as_pdf

Agenda in a glimpse

March 20 - Tuesday

9.00 - Buses will leave Akvárium Klub to ChemAxon headquarters, where our program starts
9.30 - Arrival and registration
10.00 - Workshops will start (more below)
18.00 - Birthday house party in our offices

March 21 - Wednesday

8.00 - Registration starts in Akvárium Klub
9.00 - 16.30 - Program featuring user presentations, partner talks and a short ChemAxon introduction
18.30 - Gala Dinner and Birthday Party in the Pesti Vigadó

March 22 - Thursday

8.30 - Registration opens in Akvárium Klub
9.00 - Program starts featuring user presentations
15.30 - Our meeting ends

Please note that you can join to our program series at any point - including the workshops as well. Lunch, social programs and transportation back to downtown Budapest will be provided for you throughout the meeting.

If you have any questions regarding our event, please contact the organizers.

Workshops - March 20

Developer Workshop

This hands-on workshop is for code-lovers. Rather useful if your daily work requires the integration, deployment or implementation of cheminformatics solutions; also some admin issues like configurations and installations. Our aim is to walk our attendees through a number of code examples and best practices, and also create a self-made, web-based environment relying on ChemAxon solutions.

Topics of the workshop:

  1. Create a web application with Marvin JS embedded, wired together with calculations on the drawn molecule, import/export functions via JChem Web Services, and BioEddie for handling large molecules
  2. An overview of our new search technologies powering JChem PostgreSQL Cartridge and MadFast Similarity Search
  3. Installation and configuration of Compound Registration
  4. Creating and working with plugins in Marvin Live
  5. Managing applications in ChemAxon Synergy environment

Workshop for Scientists

We invite all chemists and biologists as well as researchers from related fields to our hands-on training. The workshop will allow for people new to ChemAxon to get started with our applications, and also provide a deeper insight into our technology for more experienced users.

Topics covered:

During this workshop we will cover a small discovery workflow which will involve the extraction of chemically relevant information from scientific papers, single molecule design in teams, registration of compounds as well as the usage of enumeration tools and molecule databases and will conclude in the processing of the resulting information in MS Excel.

All steps will be carried out using ChemAxon’s latest tools, including but not limited to ChemLocator, Marvin Live, Compound Registration, the Plexus Suite and JChem for Office.

We will pair up with KNIME as well to give you a deeper insight about how ChemAxon tools are working within KNIME workflow. This track is available for attendees of both workshops.

For the registered workshop attendees ChemAxon will provide laptops with pre-installed software and example files. We advise to register and reserve the pre-installed laptops early; for those registering on the week before the training we cannot guarantee access to pre-installed laptops.
Please let us know if you want to participate on any workshops and feel free to tell us your topic of interest as well. Contact us here.