User Meeting US 2019

Mar 25 – 26, 2019 · Cambridge, MA, USA

Agenda at a glimpse

March 25 - Monday @

Cambridge Innovation Center

  • 8.00 - Registration starts
  • 9.00 - 16.30 - Program showcasing user presentations, partner talks and a short ChemAxon introduction. Based on the great success of the workshops, this year after each and every session you can continue with a Hands-on Training guided by our Application Scientists. This way you can try what you heard in the user presentations right away. Please note we need you to sign up before the meeting¬†contact us¬†for reserving a seat. You can also talk through product roadmaps with product owners, and your business issues with account managers if you are more into that.
  • 18.30 - Gala Dinner

March 26 - Tuesday @

Cambridge Innovation Center

  • 8.30 - Registration opens
  • 9.00 - Program starts featuring user presentations
  • 12.25 - Our meeting ends with a lunch, though you can stay at our office for further casual chat with Product Owners or Business People. We will also have the last Hands-on Training in the general session room.
Please note that you can join to our program series at any point - including the workshops as well. Lunch, social programs and transportation back to downtown Budapest will be provided for you throughout the meeting. If you have any questions regarding our event, please contact the organizers.


Please note that the workshops will be divided and added to the main conference program. Practically after a couple of joint ChemAxon and user presentations, you can stay in the conference room and join the Hands-on Training. Please revisit this page for further details about the program and exact timing.