WEBINAR: Easily integrable instant cheminformatics platform

Dec 5, 2018


5th December, 6 am CET / 10.30 am INDIA / 1 pm CHINA / 2 pm JAPAN / 4 pm AUSTRALIA


Anna Tomin- Application Scientist, ChemAxon

Chemicalize is an exceptional online platform with dedicated solutions including web-based chemical drawing, hosted search service, physical-chemical calculations and predictions or name-structure conversion based on ChemAxon's cutting-edge technology. This powerful system is a great demonstration of a unique cross-language online cheminformatics platform where Chinese, Japanese and English chemical name conversion and chemical text mining is fully supported. Integrating chemical knowledge into your workflows and online research platforms has never been as easy, even without developer skills. This service is fully cloud-based and can be accessed without any IT or software maintenance costs. Key components:

  • Marvin JS - the web-based chemical drawing component
  • Text processing
  • Batch physicochemical calculation
  • Publication quality image generation
  • Hosted search service