WEBINAR: Remain compliant with Controlled Substances regulations

Dec 13, 2018


13th December, 6 am CET / 10.30 am INDIA / 1 pm CHINA / 2 pm JAPAN / 4 pm AUSTRALIA


Ákos Papp- Product Owner of Compliance Checker, ChemAxon

Legislation covering controlled substances exists at local, national and international levels, and varies widely in their forms and frequency of updates. Compliance Checker enables you to remain compliant in this rapidly changing legislation environment. Compliance Checker relies on an updated and extensive knowledge base made up of relevant published legislation. The corresponding resources are continuously monitored and new regulations immediately extracted to make them available in the system as soon as possible. The webinar will cover:

  • Introduction to the Compliance Checker system
  • How chemical structure queries represent regulations
  • The Single and File Check pages
  • Administrator GUI
  • Searching in the History
  • User-defined categories and category groups
  • Ways of integration, API, examples