WEBINAR: Working with chemical patents and Markush structures

Dec 4, 2018


4th December, 6 am CET / 10.30 am INDIA / 1 pm CHINA / 2 pm JAPAN / 4 pm AUSTRALIA


Árpád Figyelmesi - Product Owner of ChemCurator and Markush Technologies, ChemAxon

Markush structures are widely used in combinatorial chemistry and patents to define large chemical spaces. However, handling complex Markush structures (containing hundreds of fragments) is extremely challenging. ChemAxon, a leading company in Markush technology presents a solution called - ChemCurator. ChemCurator is designed to help extract chemical information from patents, journal articles, and other documents. The webinar will feature a LIVE product demo with the following highlights:

  • Extracting Markush structures from English, Chinese and Japanese patents, journal articles and similar documents
  • Interactively assembling Markush structures in a semi-automated way
  • Locating relevant information in a wide range of documents, including HTML, XML and PDF.