UX Designer

Prague, Czech Republic

Job Summary

ChemAxon is currently looking for an experienced UX designer with an affinity for research, who would join the development teams based in Prague. Over the last year our UX team has grown fast in Budapest office, now with five full time UX designers, a researcher and a visual designer working on some truly inspiring projects. Now the time has come to expand the team into Prage office as well.

Essential requirements in a nutshell

You need to speak fluent English and be able to give presentations or hold workshops with non-designers. You should see yourself as an advocate of the users and be able to translate their needs into solutions. You need to be self driven, courageous to innovate, but realistic regarding the feasibility of your ideas. As the rest of the UX team is based at the company headquarters in Budapest, Hungary, it is expected to travel there regularly.

Just a few expectations

We need team players and people with a positive attitude and an open mind to work in close collaboration with developers and application scientists. You will learn and redefine yourself all the time because our culture is built on change. Although there are no other designers in the Prague office, we will not let you feel lonely as there are always people with passion for good UX around. We don’t have any tool fixation because anything can be learned. Just to let you know at the moment we use Sketch, Invision and Abstract, but feel free to use Adobe Suite or Justinmind.

Nice to have or a dream candidate

We will be very happy to see candidates with experience in B2B software or agile methodology. Experience with big data visualization or data heavy interfaces would help our team solve many of our users’ challenges. The products you will be working on are focused on searching and reporting, so having some experience with similar needs would be cool. On the other hand we would be happy to meet people with an agency background and experience in HCD and innovation to bring fresh ideas to life science software.

If you fulfill all requirements, it’s very likely you don’t even exist, but it doesn’t hurt asking or trying. Anyway if it feels like your dream job, keep reading. It’s just getting started...

ChemAxon is quite unique. Seriously.

Imagine it's like an agile startup, but on a larger scale. When we say flat organization, we mean it. You will have the company trust from the first day and you should be able to make your own decisions and share your feedback constantly. If you see a challenge within the organization you are empowered to change it. Everyone is supportive and eager to help anytime. You are going to have all the resources to develop your professional skills (conference budget, free books, internal training, etc). By the way, we have been building chemistry and biology related products since 1998 with clients from the top 10 pharmaceutical companies.

Quick facts about the Prague team(s)

There are two product teams in Prague office, both of them focused on the querying and reporting area. We are collaborating with the teams based in Budapest, but nothing is better than talking to each other face to face - you will not need to travel alone unless you wish so. We would like you to help us not only with design, but in research activities as well.

Quick facts about the actual UX team

We are a multicultural team working as a horizontal team with the following focus areas:

Strengthen company-wide collaboration and make design methodologies an integrated part of the culture. Strengthen research driven product development Strengthen consistency by shifting focus from features to user needs and advocate the importance of the user research-based decisions. Planning, conducting and implementing a Design System.

Why work with us

We have a pet-friendly office in the heart of Vinohrady, close to the Jiřího z Poděbrad metro station, with free coffee, snacks, small gym and table football. If you would not like the coffee from our shiny coffee machine, there are some places to go to nearby as well as plenty of restaurants we are going to for lunch. ChemAxon promotes healthy lifestyle, people working here are often attending sport activities, with running, swimming and climbing being among the favorites in the office. ChemAxon is a family friendly company and we respect your free time. We offer competitive salaries, flexible working hours and the opportunity to really grow in an innovative company.

For some info on who ChemAxon is, you can check two videos: a shorter one about who we are (~1.5 min) and another one with some history and something about what we do (~5m).

If you would like to know more about the way we work, check out our Culture Guide here.

If you like what you read, please send us CV and whatever you think describes you the best to jobs@chemaxon.com. Please apply in English.

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UX team at Nordic Design conference 2019 #nordicdesignconf
UX team at Nordic Design conference #nordicdesignconf
UX team at Nordic Design conference #nordicdesignconf
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UX team in London visiting #designermakeruser exhibition