2008 European UGM Archive opened

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The presentation Archive of ChemAxon's 2008 European User Group Meeting are posted.

"As ChemAxon seeks to become a more "serious" contender in the cheminformatics marketplace I do hope that it will not lose too much of its informality and friendliness. The users will not want it to lose its justifiably high reputation for support. ChemAxon aims to retain its existing virtues with a more confident and serious business face. Alex Drijver talked of the company entering puberty after its 10 years in business. Puberty can be a trying time. Small, and newer companies have an advantage when it comes to responsiveness. Smaller companies are more agile than lumbering great corporations. As companies grow in size and age they have to face all sorts of new challenges. Fans love to stick up for the little guy; Microsoft and MDL never scored highly in the popularity stakes. I do have high hopes for ChemAxon and I wish the company well. It will be interesting to watch its progress over the next 10 years."

dextract from Wendy Warr's meeting report

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Meeting report by Wendy Warr