Aureus Pharma and ChemAxon announce strategic technology partnership.

news · 16 years ago
Paris, France-headquartered Aureus Pharma and ChemAxon of Budapest, Hungary, have announced a new strategic partnership under which two ChemAxon Java-based chemistry components have been incorporated within AurQUEST, the former's interface for the AurSCOPE line of knowledge bases. AurQUEST integrates chemoinformatics functionality thorough ChemAxon's Marvin chemical structure sketching applet and the JChem application for searching and retrieving structures. As a result, researchers can easily interrogate AurSCOPE knowledge bases by combining chemical and biological queries, the companies say, adding that this advance delivers an entirely new level of insight for prioritizing decisions within a drug discovery program. "ChemAxon's chemoinformatics and discovery toolkit has allowed the Aureus Pharma team to quickly incorporate the chemistry components into our knowledge management platform," said Andre Michel, chief executive of the French company, noting that "this technology also provides our customers with state of the art scientific algorithms to further power Aureus' applications."