Certara signs partnership agreement with ChemAxon

news · 9 years ago

Certara’s D360 to offer access to ChemAxon’s MarvinSketch and JChem Cartridge for Oracle.

Certara™ announced that Certara and ChemAxon have signed a partnership agreement. The partnership will focus on providing seamless access to ChemAxon’s MarvinSketch and JChem Cartridge for Oracle via Certara’s D360.

D360 is an integrated solution for query, analysis and visualization of scientific data. It is used by pharmaceutical and biotech companies to provide unified access to disparate data sources throughout drug discovery and development, greatly improving research productivity. The agreement with ChemAxon provides standard D360, support for ChemAxon’s popular chemical structure sketching tool, Marvin Sketch, and JChem Chemistry data cartridge, which are used by many drug discovery scientists across the industry.

“We are very pleased to partner with ChemAxon to provide Marvin and JChem integrations as a standard D360 product capability” Jonathan Feldman, Vice President of Scientific Informatics at Certara, said, in making the announcement. “Part of the value of D360 is being able to easily connect to an organization’s existing infrastructure, and we are increasingly finding that ChemAxon is part of the core chemistry infrastructure. We are now able to seamlessly integrate and deliver other data types, such as biologic assay or preclinical safety data with chemistry data from ChemAxon via simple queries that any user can develop.”

“We are very happy to have Certara join the expanding list of major application providers integrating our platform within their solutions. This gives customers tremendous flexibility to have what best suits their needs being provided by an established partner group.” said Alex Drijver, CEO of ChemAxon. “It also underlines our commitment to both partners and customers in maintaining a flexible business model in which the customer choses whether to use the ChemAxon front end tools or other solutions like D360.“

About Certara

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