ChemAxon equips Intellixir with chemical searching and indexing

news · 5 years ago
Questel, one of the world’s main online service providers dedicated to intellectual property, announces the integration of ChemAxon’s chemical searching and indexing capabilities into the Intellixir software. Users will be able to detect and search chemical structures as well as substructures in any document, patent and scientific literature. Intellixir’s powerful categorization features will allow users to cross chemical structure information with technical domain or industrial players over time. “We are pleased to collaborate with Questel” explains Ferenc Csizmadia CEO of ChemAxon. “We committed ourselves to work with Markush structures and chemical patents earlier.” continues Ferenc. “I strongly believe that the common work will improve the users’ patent analysis experience, and I look forward to bringing more functionality as we extend our relationship with Questel.” “This is an important step for Questel,” explains Charles Besson, Questel’s CEO, “collaborating with ChemAxon, will provide our users the combined ability to access exact chemical data with the power of Intellixir’s analysis tools and Questel’s patent data. Early next year, ChemAxon technology will be also integrated into Orbit”. Read article on Questel's website.