ChemAxon/SciTegic Pipeline Pilot component collection version 1.2

news · 12 years ago

Based on co-development with SciTegic/Accelrys the version 1.2 component collection is launched , the new release extends the functionality available and includes compatibility for the latest Marvin/JChem (version 5).

Available Pipeline Pilot component collection for ChemAxon products:

  • Standardizer
  • Chemical Terms filter
  • Reactor
  • JChem chemical database: insertion, search and retrieval of structures
  • Calculator plugins (HBA, HBD, Isoelectric point, logP, logD, pKa, Polarizability, Refractivity , TPSA, Burden eigenvalue descriptor (BCUT))
  • Marvin sketcher and viewer
  • Major microspecies (major protonation form)
  • Microspecies distribution

Download component collection