FMC acquires global all product ChemAxon licenses and switches over to JChem structure search platform.

news · 15 years ago
March 3rd, 2006, Budapest, Hungary and Philadelphia, US: ChemAxon, a software solutions provider for chemistry, and FMC Corporation (NYSE: FMC) announce global licensing of ChemAxon's complete product line and the switch over of FMC Agricultural Products Group's structure search platform to ChemAxon's JChem cheminformatics platform. The FMC Corporation is one of the world’s foremost, diversified chemical companies with leading positions in agricultural, industrial and consumer markets. FMC's Agricultural Products Group is responsible for discovering, optimising and producing insecticides and herbicides for use on a broad range of crops and pests. ChemAxon is a leading provider of platform independent cheminformatics toolkits and chemical research software. Through the global acquisition of ChemAxon's toolkits FMC is able to implement state of the art cheminformatics platforms useful for insilico structure design, screening, property prediction and management. The migration of the structure search at FMC's Agricultural Products Group is the first step in this integration. "FMC's APG Discovery Research has evaluated ChemAxon's products, JChem and Marvin, and found the products to be intuitive, easy to use, reliable, and scalable. In FMC's opinion, ChemAxon's tools are technically sound and are enterprise solutions. More importantly, the evaluation has, in FMC's opinion, shown that the search results from JChem Cartridge are more chemically precise and logical than those from the existing search engine. FMC has found that ChemAxon’s other software products are also very useful and interesting. In addition, the cost of purchasing and maintaining ChemAxon’s products is very competitive and ChemAxon’s customer service and technical support are among the best that FMC has found. As a result, FMC's APG Discovery Research has moved its structure search platform to the ChemAxon platform." said Dr. Ann Orth, Research Director for FMC's Agricultural Products Group "We are very pleased to be working with an organisation like FMC, we were particularly happy with the fast and straightforward platform changeover process." commented Ferenc Csizmadia, CEO Of ChemAxon.