Missing: Peter Csizmadia

news · 12 years ago

Péter Csizmadia, a physicist, a programmer and a mountaineer, along with 3 other Hungarians (Kata Tolnay, Vera Mikolovits, and Balázs Pechtol) disappeared in China's Sichuan near the Ren Zhong Feng peak of the Himalayas probably in the early morning of October 23, 2009. A large part of a glacier fell off causing a huge ice/stone avalanche that covered the valley where they had their camp for the night. Neither their bodies nor their belongings were found by the ground and helicopter rescuing teams. There is no realistic hope any more that they will be found alive.

Péter was one of the founders of ChemAxon and he developed the early versions of Marvin. In ChemAxon he is known as the father of Marvin. Whilst he kept close ties with the company and was always available when we needed him, in recent years he pursued his career as a research fellow at the KFKI in Budapest. His other passions were mountaineering and photography.

A blog has been opened in memory of Péter.

We all share in the deep sadness of this tragedy, and our sympathies go out to the families.

Alex Drijver