Security issues with Marvin Applet loading in Web Browsers and on Mac

news · 9 years ago
by Alex Allardyce, Eufrozina Hoffmann

All operating systems and most popular browsers

Because of a recently identified security hole, the major Web Browsers including Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari, have greatly reduced default support for Java and Java applets/plug-ins, citing security vulnerabilities inherent to Java as the cause. The reduced support is predominantly for Java version 7 but in some cases previous versions are also being blocked.

Routinely Java is often disabled in the browser by default, and users trying to access a Java applet are met with a security alert such as the one below which requires the users to give permission to run the Applet which will then enable Marvin Applet to load.

To solve this issue you should activate Java plugin on the browser.


Java on Mac, Applets and Beans – a special case

Apple Computer has recently disabled Java in Mac OS X Lion (10.7), and Mountain Lion (10.8). This is a decision made by Apple Computer and beyond our control. This situation is changing but currently (Feb 8th, 2013) this is the case.

What can you do?

  1. Check to see if Java is installed by visiting this page and following the instructions:
  2. If no java detected Install Java – see the instructions of this webpage:

Marvin and the longer term

ChemAxon are developing a lightweight JavaScript version of Marvin which will not require Java to be installed. For more information see this blog post or visit the live implementation on the blog.

About risk:

Please be aware that installing any program or accessing any web page can expose you to risk and potential damage. ChemAxon takes no responsibility for any damage as a result of the guidance presented here.

Further reading and resources: