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DeltaSoft provides next generation software and expert services for research scientists. Our ChemCart suite of products offer ready made solutions, a vendor-neutral integration platform and user-configurable workflows. With extensive knowledge of informatics direction as well as thorough understanding of scientific processes, DeltaSoft has facilitated better decision making and streamlined operations at both small and large pharmaceutical, biotech, agrochemical, and chemical R&D sectors since 1996. As a result, our clients have successfully optimized knowledge management, developed corporate strategy, and reduced costs associated with their informatics systems. More on deltasoftinc.com

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ChemCart provides a dashboard view into your research databases. More on DeltaSoft's website

JChem Engines Chemical Representation Marvin Name Conversion Calculators and Predictors

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Collaboration can drive value and boost innovation. Our robust chemical knowledge can extend and enrich your solutions. We offer flexible pricing, deep technical collaboration and joint promotions for our integrator partners.

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