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A software company that provides both custom and off the shelf solutions to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. They are uniquely suited to serve companies in this segment. When working with Kelaroo, you get a company that really understands the challenges that you face. They have over 30 years of experiences in life sciences. This experience, along with developing a thorough understanding of your needs, ensure that they can provide a solution to your problems. Kelaroo can integrate solutions offered with your existing business processes. Their goal is not to necessarily “reinvent the wheel” – they can take what you are already doing, and make it easier, cheaper, and faster. Above all else, they strive to understand your business. Kelaroo solutions include a range of proprietary software that has been developed through partnerships with companies such as yours. They take real world experience solving their problems, and use it to offer a highly refined and streamlined experience. Products such as the Kelaroo Reagent Management System or the Kelaroo Synthesis Request System have undergone years of enhancements and upgrades. Their products all have one theme in common – simple, yet powerful interfaces. With Kelaroo you get enhanced functionality without having to spend precious resources on product training. More on kelaroo.com

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Reagent Management System
Simplifies and streamlines reagent inventory management, procurement, and order fulfillment. More on Kelaroo's website

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