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Mcule operates chemical marketplaces for drug discovery with services based around small-molecule compound sourcing. While the traditional Mcule database aggregates supplier catalogs to cover the “in stock” chemical space, Mcule ULTIMATE database contains 122 million novel, synthetically accessible compounds. Mcule recently launched its custom synthesis auction site SynthAgora to cover chemical space not present in any catalogs. ChemAxon’s toolkits are available on Mcule’s online platform to calculate molecular properties including logP, pKa, PSA, H-bond donors & acceptors, and polarizability. Advanced conversion of ligand 2D MOL to 3D MOL files can be achieved using ChemAxon’s Conformer plugin in docking protocols.

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Mcule integrates the purchasable chemical space with molecular modeling tools. The online platform helps finding the best drug candidates for research projects with just a few clicks. More on Mcule's website

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