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Sapio Sciences is a leading provider of Laboratory Management, Electronic Lab Notebook, Data Management Solutions. Exemplar LIMS and Exemplar ELN enable scientists to quickly configure Exemplar products for their data and workflow tracking requirements with no need for consulting or IT. Exemplar integrates with leading instrument platforms for results tracking directly in the LIMS, enabling researchers, via a single portal, to search for sample information, follow samples through workbench protocol details, assay data collection and to interrogate analytical results. Therefore Exemplar is a primary enabler of translational research within R&D laboratories. Exemplar ELN Essentials is the leading entry level cloud based ELN that has industry best features. Exemplar ELN Essentials offers a low monthly per user cost and requires zero IT infrastructure to sign up and get started. Sapio also offers a clean upgrade path to its Exemplar ELN Pro that has advanced templating, out of the box instrument integrations, and much more. All version of Exemplar ELN offer industry best, responsive user interface, easy drag and drop operation, built in collaboration, Office integration, and powerful search tools. Sapio also has extensive experience working in a clinical context via compliant labs. This includes FDA Part 11 labs, CLIA and CAP as well as HIPAA compliant labs. More on sapiosciences.com

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Exemplar Research LIMS
Configurable technology and workflow templates guarantee a quick and cost effective project completion. More on Sapio's website
Exemplar ELN
Create detailed notebooks and work collaboratively with built in analytical tools and a short learning curve. More on Sapio's website

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