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Established in 2012, SciBite offers a complete semantic services platform that can be used as a data analytics solution by end users and also as a ‘pluggable’ component to transform existing IT infrastructures into more scientifically aware systems. SciBite's text mining technology rapidly scans scientific text and identifies the key concepts stated, such as drugs, proteins, companies, targets, outcomes, measures. In doing so, unstructured text is transformed into ontology-based indexed data. Our software, will happily run from a personal laptop, real and virtual servers and in the cloud. It’s incredibly simple to install and can be accessed by a multitude of clients and applications. Whilst the platform is first and foremost a powerful API, it can easily be expanded and SciBite offer a series of end-user applications for specific use cases including relationship extraction (drugs causing side effects, phenotypes seen in disease states, regulatory authority decisions etc.), transforming the way project teams share documents and browser-based tools that perform data-integration “on the fly” and connect social networks of colleagues with shared interests. Supporting the platform, is a hand-curated reference library with over 80 industry-focused vocabularies containing over 20 million synonyms that use public identifiers aiding data integration and covering a wide range of Life Science topics including Drugs, Pathology, Pharmaceutical Sciences, commercial and business activities. Many-fold enriched over any publicly available alternatives, these form a crucial part of managing the synonymous and ambiguous language found in unstructured scientific text. More on scibite.com

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Vocabulary containing over 20M scientific terms hand-curated and designed for biomedical text mining. More on SciBite's website

Document to Structure ChemLocator

A named entity recognition and extraction engine at the centre of SciBite’s semantic analytics software suite. More on SciBite's website

Document to Structure ChemLocator

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