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Make teaching fun and effective - goes TopHat's slogan. Their active learning technology helps professors easily engage students and build comprehension. TopHat aims to inspire and motivate students, transforming passive lectures and course materials with active learning. Assessing comprehension is also in their focus - no need to wait until the end of term to evaluate student understanding. Tutors can lift student success rates more efficiently. Active learning helps students thrive, regardless of discipline. They also help save time on course prep via their course delivery tools that are simple to use and powerful in practice. More on tophat.com

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TopHat Chemistry
TopHat's chemistry related active education platform helps students and also tutors in their daily work. More on TopHat's website

JChem Engines Marvin JS Chemicalize

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Collaboration can drive value and boost innovation. Our robust chemical knowledge can extend and enrich your solutions. We offer flexible pricing, deep technical collaboration and joint promotions for our integrator partners.

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