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We plan to create focused discussion groups around a couple of R&D IT related industry issues. The suggested topics for round table discussions will serve as starting point and the audience will guide the conversation. We will have moderators and technical people there to discuss topics in detail and answer questions.
Where? - Please gather in the Charles A room (Level 2, East Tower of Royal Sonesta Boston Hotel). We will start with an initial coffee break, and you will be able to pick the room and topic that interests you the most.

Suggested round table topics:
    1. R&D IT infrastructure - how to build IT solutions by using back-end tools, databases, search engines and integration ~ Conversation Lead: András Volford, JChem Suite Product Owner
    2. IT solutions for small & mid companies (SME) - cloud and hosted technology in an environment where IT resources are bottleneck ~ Conversation Lead: Anna Tomin, Product Owner of ChemAxon Hosted Solutions
    3. Large companies' challenges in R&D IT - infrastructural needs, handling of large data sets, collaboration with internal and external peers ~ Conversation Lead: Max Šauer, Plexus Connect Product Owner
    4. Capturing assay data and using the assay data in the context of structural and other types of data ~ Conversation Leads: Gábor Keresztes, Plexus Assay Product Owner & Mike Braden, Consultant
    5. Molecule sketching on touch devices - discussing relevant workflows, devices and requirements ~ Conversation Lead: Efi Hoffmann, Marvin Product Owner