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Thank you for registering for ChemAxon's 2017 User Meeting in Budapest.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in our event hotel, the Novotel Hotel Budapest, Hungary.

Accommodation: Rooms are running out rather early this time of the year, so please book your stay in time. Dedicated booking link is coming soon.

Payment: EARLY BIRD TICKETS AVAILABLE till the END OF FEBRUARY. Please make your payment in our webshop for the early bird rate. If you requested an invoice in your registration, our finance department will send it to you by mail and in email as soon as possible.

Workshop day on May 9: We will have a satellite day featuring hands-on workshop (starting from 8.30 am), round table discussions (starting from 4.30 pm) and specialized focus groups to dig deeper in certain chem & bioinformatics topics. Exact agenda will be announced later. Following the workshops we will have our traditional Garden Party from 6.30 pm.

Meeting Day 1 - May 10: Registration starts from 8 am, talks from 9 am. From the beginning of the meeting's first day the poster and partner exhibition starts. You can read through the exhibited posters, talk to our partners and try ChemAxon tools on the demo stations in the breaks of the day.
We'll have our meeting's usual social event on Wednesday evening from about 6 pm. Details to be announced later.

Meeting Day 2 - May 11: The poster and the partner exhibition will continue in the breaks of the day and following the lunch.

Changing your Registration: If you want to modify your Meeting registration you should go to the registration's start page and enter the following information:

Your email address: %emailaddress%

Your badge number: %badgenumber%

If you have any questions regarding the meeting please feel free to contact us.
Looking forward to meeting you in Budapest.

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