Crowdsourcing New Chemical Entities: Development of a Submission Interface to Assess Relevance for Open Innovation Projects

poster · 9 years ago
by Iván Solt, András Strácz, Gábor Guta, Aurora Costache (ChemAxon) JChem Web Services Document to Structure
While outsourcing discovery research is a well-established process, crowdsourcing in a discovery research environment is a much newer approach. The authors report on the development of an online system that enables third parties to submit chemical structures to a pharmaceutical company for consideration in their drug discovery programs. In addition to providing intuitive and simple usage, key elements of the systems are to automatically assess the relevance of structures and make underlying data accessible to the pharmaceutical company whilst hiding the actual structure to maintain the third party’s intellectual property. Based on ChemAxon’s, a free chemical structure miner and web search engine renown for simple usage and strong data vizualization we introduce this web application as a major step toward a full drug discovery platform including compound library design. The presented application will be supported on all devices including touch screen devices, such as iPads and smartphones. Download poster here