Latest Developments in Markush Representation, Search, Analysis and Visualization

poster · 9 years ago
by Szabolcs Csepregi, Ferenc Csizmadia, Nóra Máté, Alex Allardyce, Róbert Wagner, Tamás Csizmazia, Ali Baharev, David Deng (ChemAxon)
Markush search Markush enumeration

Scientific poster at the International Patent Information Conference and Exposition (IPI-ConfEx) Markush structures are widely used in patent claims to maximize intellectual property protection. However, its complexity makes search, enumeration and visualization quite challenging. ChemAxon represents the latest software development in this area. Its software can handle numerous Markush structural variations, including homology groups, in drawing, searching and enumeration. With adaption of the latest technology and partnership with Thomson Reuters, the full patent Markush and exemplified database can now be searched using ChemAxon’s software in Amazon cloud. These innovations combined offer an unprecedented tool in chemical patent search and analysis.

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