Standardized Chemistry Catalogue with Matrix Fine Chemicals

presentation · 1 year ago

The Client

While updating and redesigning their website, Matrix Fine Chemicals, a provider of high-quality fine chemistry products and services, contacted ChemAxon, looking for a solution to add chemical information to their online compound catalogue. Their product list contains a mix of SMILES strings, IUPAC and common names, as well as CAS Registry Numbers®. On the new website they wanted to display the image of each of their compounds, along with various molecular properties and identifiers.

The Solution

To create this standardized chemistry catalogue, ChemAxon converted the products to their chemical structural representation. Based on the structural information, IUPAC name and other identifiers (such as InChiKey and canonical SMILES), some basic properties (molecular weight and formula), as well as a structure image were generated for each molecule.

Since the original product catalogue contained identifiers in different formats and the information was incomplete for certain products, ChemAxon helped in the data cleaning as well to increase the number of successful conversions and remove any ambiguity.

Matrix Fine Chemicals was looking to improve the search options of their catalogue, so they needed to categorize their products based on their chemical properties. ChemAxon created the categories and grouped the products so the visitors of Matrix’s web site can find compounds that contain certain chemical functional groups.

Customer feedback

“We approached ChemAxon by chance and we are impressed about the speed in their answers and the accurate work they supplied to us. We are happy with the quality of their service, it is a pleasure to work with ChemAxon and we will continue to do so.”