Biologics at ChemAxon: From Old Powerhouses to Novel Tools

presentation · 8 years ago
by Roland Knispel (ChemAxon)
Biologics Registration

Biologics have become an integral part of the drug development cycle within the pharmaceutical industry. But current cheminformatics toolkits are not well-suited to facilitate representation and computational interrogation of large biomolecules in the same way as for small molecules. Our Marvin suite is the product most frequently exposed to our users, and with recent releases, we aimed to continuously improve support for its application in a biopharmaceutical setting. But where these improvements are a mere extension of our classical cheminformatics tools, we have taken up development of a novel Biomolecule toolkit in parallel. It shall address the identified shortcomings in the data handling of large biomolecules with full atomic description, comparison of large biomolecules, and the exposure of distinct data views for different specialty groups of scientists. In this short presentation we will outline our future roadmap in the biological sector.

Roland Knispel (ChemAxon) - Biologics at ChemAxon From Old Powerhouses to Novel Tools