ChemAxon Marvin JS sketcher integration in Discngine Decision

presentation · 3 years ago
by Sandra Plumas (Discngine)
Marvin Marvin JS

Discngine Decision is a scientific support platform used to combine and interpret experimental results and speed up decision-making processes. Discngine Decision can gather and analyze data from multiple and heterogeneous data sources like corporate data centers and cloud-hosted databases but also perform on-the-fly data calculations and predictive modeling analysis. Along the application workflow, several tools allow end-user to draw molecules with the ChemAxon Marvin JS sketch. For instance, our platform offers the possibility to perform sub-structure searches or explore new molecular structures by adding them in the dataset to analyze. Besides providing a state-of-the-art sketcher, the Marvin JS JavaScript API provides a strong technical base that enabled us to build a reusable integration plugin intended for our developers and customers. Here, we will demonstrate how the ChemAxon Marvin JS sketch is integrated into our platform and how it helps cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies design the next molecules of their R&D projects.

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