Based on previous years’ feedback, in 2015 we will introduce a comprehensive ChemAxon block in the beginning of the program. We will talk about each ChemAxon product briefly, altogether for about three hours. ChemAxon presenters will quickly introduce their products, emphasize the most important changes in the last year and show the roadmap of planned development.

The goal of the brief talks is to raise your interest and drive you to the demo stations in the Toucan room for more details.

In the first part of the session, we will focus on web-based data creation and design, how a new compound can be registered into the corporate database and we will introduce our new biology layer in our products. The session will start with our JavaScript based chemical editor, the Marvin JS; continuing with Marvin Live, our real time collaboration tool; then we will cover our solution for registration, mentioning MiniReg too, our registration solution mainly for smaller companies; and our Biomolecule Toolkit.