Adding chemistry to Web pages and predicted data and links to structures

presentation · 10 years ago
by Daniel Bonniot de Ruisselet, Ferenc Csizmadia, Alex Allardyce, András Strácz (ChemAxon) is a new free online service developed by ChemAxon which adds chemistry to Web pages as well as data and Web pages to structures. The primary use is to parse chemical names from Web page text and serve an annotated Web page version which includes structure images hyper-linked from the chemical name source. By storing structures and Web page URL's we can search the database to find those Web pages containing any given structure query. For each structure users can also generate structure based prediction results within a user customizable report, predictions include logP, pKa, logD etc. Current developments center around user profiles, 'tracking' structures in newly chemicalized pages and presenting user activity to give a snapshot of current Web pages and structures that are interesting chemists online.

This presentation will outline the aims of the development, describe the service, current developments and overview use and user feedback.

Download the slides of presentation presented at ACS Spring, 2011