Cheminformatics and SharePoint: A Big Pharma Perspective 

presentation · 11 years ago
by Luke Bullard (Pfizer)
JChem for SharePoint

In an increasingly information rich research environment, drug discovery scientists need a robust and easy to use way to exchange information, knowledge and decisions with colleagues. Pfizer’s answer to these collaboration issues has been to make extensive use of Microsoft SharePoint and OneNote as our project team collaboration platform of choice. Collectively known inside the company as “OnePoint”, the increasing use of these technologies across all phases of discovery has yielded significant benefits in terms of productivity and co-operative working. However, as useful as these tools are in a generic business context, there still remains some progress to be made extending them for more specific scientific uses. This presentation aims to outline what that progression might look like for chemistry centric users within the Microsoft SharePoint environment, and stimulate thoughts and discussion.