CRAIS Board - The virtual white board for scientific discussions

presentation · 8 years ago
by Yoshiko Matsumoto (Patcore)
MarvinSketch JChem Base

CRAIS Board is a virtual white board for collaborative discussions with chemical structures. It allows multiple users to edit one diagram simultaneously in real-time. CRAIS Board can be integrated with the corporate compound database, assay database or web services. Therefore, you can easily insert items such as chemical structures, activity, ADMET data and physicochemical properties to your discussion diagram. You can also create parent-child relationships between two compounds and visualize the difference in their activity and properties or for comparative search. Today, many non-chemistry projects are conducted online in other industries including Web design, graphic design, programming etc, but not really for medchems or other chemistry related projects yet. We believe CRAIS Board definitely can help to have intense brainstorming sessions in the facility and also outside, as many pharmaceutical companies use CROs outside of their home countries, the online system like CRAIS Board will increase their research efficiency and also may cut travel cost & time.

Yoshiko Matsumoto (Patcore) - CRAIS Board - The virtual white board for scientific discussions