Deep analysis of chemical patents and Markush claims

presentation · 3 years ago
by Tim Parrott, Árpád Figyelmesi (ChemAxon)
Markush Editor ChemCurator Markush Tools

Finding the relevant prior art document is only a first step in FTO analysis or novelty check. The precise understanding of the chemical scope of complex Markush claims is the critical aspect of these workflows. It is difficult and tedious to determine if a large set of structures is covered when you have a complex Markush claim over multiple pages. Computer-assisted analysis of chemical patents simplifies such challenges; helping you in faster and better understanding of the claims and avoiding mistakes. The main technical building blocks are the advanced Markush visualization techniques, and automatic checking of your compounds against the Claimed Markush structures. Crucially, these analysis steps can be performed in your secure inhouse environment.

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