Demonstration of Naming Technology, Document to Structure and

presentation · 9 years ago
by David Deng (ChemAxon) Naming Document to Structure

ChemAxon’s Naming Technology supports IUPAC and common name to structure conversion, and vice versa. It also recognizes CAS Registry number. Various improvements have been made recently to dramatically increase its precision and coverage. Powered by the Naming Technology, Document to Structure (D2S) is able to extract chemical information from documents with location data. The latest version applies text OCR technology and can even work on scanned PDF documents. Based on the Naming technology and D2S, a free online service,, has been set up. All chemical information in the text is extracted and the uploaded document can be visualized in Document Viewer with structures interactively displayed. Furthermore, all structures are indexed and can be found through structure and keyword search on the site. In this presentation, we would like to demonstrate the usage of Naming, D2S and Post-processing, including structure correction with Structure Checker, streamlining the workflow with KNIME, is also discussed