Federated chemical searching across SharePoint and E-Notebook

presentation · 9 years ago
by Kate Blanchard, Philip Skinner, Phil McHale, Megean Schoenberg, Rudy Potenzone, Alex Jewett, David Gosalvez (PerkinElmer Informatics)
Chemical information is often dispersed around an organization in many disparate data systems and unstructured data records. Scientists typically record reaction-specific information within an Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN) but other chemical information is held within live structural files, both native and embedded in other documents. Such files are routinely stored within Document Management Systems. Each data source generally can only be searched via its built-in search interface, which for Document Management Systems does not usually include chemical intelligence, and requires each system to be searched individually. We will describe the creation of a bridging technology between an electronic lab notebook and a document management system to allow simultaneous searching across both. We will show how access to both structured reaction data and unstructured document data from one source is used to collect all the relevant documents and data in one place to help guide scientific