Fine tuning JChem Cartridge

presentation · 15 years ago
by Szilárd Dóránt, Péter Kovács (ChemAxon)
JChem Cartridge

Granting user privileges

  • one example with JChem tables, one with regular structure tables


  • Rearranging queries to use filter queries and/or composite queries
  • using multiple query structures with a single search (with OR-d results)
  • impact of cache update (DELETE with JChem tables versus regular tables)
  • delay index update with regular structure tables

Search types (exact, exact-fragment)

  • clarifying difference (is it obvious for the typical user?)

Time travel with JChem Cartridge (as a result of statement-level read consistency)

  • a simple example

The code for the examples is available at /shared/pkovacs/ugm2006_workshop/