Instant JChem & Plexus Connect

presentation · 5 years ago
by Max Šauer (ChemAxon)
Instant JChem Plexus Connect

Instant JChem is a desktop application designed for the chemist. With Instant JChem you can create, explore and share chemical and non-chemical data in local and remote databases without additional administration. Instant JChem has a wide and growing range of functionality including customisable database views, integration of library enumeration and dynamic population of columns with singular and combined molecular property and descriptor predictions.

As part of the Plexus Suite, Plexus Connect provides the backbone, connecting to research data and enabling powerful search, browsing and list management in a simple, intuitive user interface. It incorporates ChemAxon’s industry-leading chemistry capabilities and provides a central user interface for gathering information from the integrated database of Plexus Suite.

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