Introducing ChemCurator - Chemical Document Curation and Management

presentation · 8 years ago
by Daniel Bonniot de Ruisselet, Árpád Figyelmesi (ChemAxon)
Structure Checker Naming Chinese Name to Structure Markush Editor ChemCurator

Understanding competitors’ patent portfolios and protecting their own intellectual properties are key questions for pharmaceutical companies. Extracting and analyzing the chemical space covered by these patents is an extremely complex and time consuming challenge and requires many communication rounds between IP experts and members of drug discovery teams. ChemAxon has been working with researchers in the industry to develop tools to help in this area by building and analyzing project specific databases based on high quality computer-assisted extraction of chemical information from patent documents. These databases can be useful across the full drug discovery process from idea generation to lead candidate selection, drug design and creation of new patents. This way we can eliminate these rounds of communication, because IP experts can precisely translate the content of patent documents to the language of chemistry which is more comprehensible for other actors. This presentation will discuss the results of this development and technologies developed or used, namely: English and Chinese Name to Structure, which dramatically speeds up the extraction process; Markush Editor that helps draw complex Markush structures more easily, Structure Checker and Markush Validation, which confirm the quality of extracted information. We also introduce our search, enumeration and hit visualization and our latest improvements that allow overlap analysis between Markush structures.

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